Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Ghent, Belgium


The work of OFFICE KGDVS is distinguished by a relentless application of its own architectural grammar. The development of the perimeter idea stands out in the new library for the faculty of architecture and urbanism of the University of Ghent.


The project has a thick three-storey shelving that surrounds the central space, made with a screwed system of prefabricated steel. The shelf organizes storage, access and other administrative functions.

The perforated panels that form the balustrades can also close the shelves for possible events while the books are kept in view.


The performance reinforces the centrality of the stay, granting its monumental character. The perimeter acts as a support element for the content and the action. This stenographic idea is accentuated thanks to the neutrality of the operation that defines an unusual space as if it were a David Hockney painting.

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